Time is Precious

posted: Friday, February 13, 2015

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It seems like time only goes faster with each passing day. Everyone needs more of it, as we are running to work, to another kid’s practice, to a Doctor’s appointment. What we don’t need is people who have no respect for our time and waste it. This thought occurred to me as I was in a Doctor’s office and what I’m going to share will probably surprise many of you.

My appointment was at 4:00 and I arrived about 10 minutes early. I was called back at 3:55 and was in the examination room by 4, my actual appointment time. How often have you gone to the Doctor and sat in the waiting room for 15-20 minutes passed your actual appointment time? My guess is that’s the norm.

The nurse completed her duties by 4:05 and the Doctor was in and out by 4:15; it was just a follow up which is why the visit from the Doctor was so quick. I was in my car and driving home a 4:25--25 minutes after my scheduled appointment time.

This was not just a good day for this Doctor’s office, this is how they operate. They have a complete grasp on the fact that time matters to everyone, and it’s their job to value that. This attitude should also be the norm in the field of sales.

When you are dealing with a customer, make sure you understand that they probably have ten different things they still need to accomplish after their business with you. The customer took the time to come in and possibly make a purchase from you so respect the time they’ve given to you and don’t waste it.

In addition to the time you are spending with your customers, it is also important to use your time without customers to the fullest. These moments provide great opportunities to catch up on paperwork, phone calls, or to review inventory and new products.

Time, especially today, is precious; so make sure you are using it wisely. Respecting the time of your customers and understanding how busy they are will lead to more sales, and repeat customers.

We are going to cut this one a little short so you can be on your way to that next guest.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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