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posted: Friday, October 17, 2014

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The worst thing a salesperson can do is to try and be someone they are not. It is vital that you are yourself and you let your personality come through in every interaction with your customers.

Customers are more likely to buy from someone who is relaxed and is not trying too hard. Remember that along with a few other tips that will help you help your customers.

Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, even when it is something your customer does not want to hear. They may be upset for a bit but they are going to be more upset if they find out later that you were not honest with them.

Have confidence in yourself and what you are selling: You should always be appreciative when a customer comes in to see you, but remember they came to see you. You are the expert in whatever it is that you are selling and they are lucky to have you assisting them.

Prepare for every meeting/interaction: Never go into any meeting or interaction with a customer without being as prepared as possible. Review your inventory on a daily basis, know what specials your company is running and how they will benefit your customers. Being unprepared is one of the fastest ways to lose a potential customer or sale.

Listen: This is probably the most important skill in the field of sales, the customer knows exactly what they need or want better than any salesperson. You can guide them to the right decision but you can only do that after they’ve given you some direction.

I have a friend who was house hunting many years ago and had a realtor who would not listen to her. She wanted a ranch style with no stairs and the realtor kept showing her homes with stairs. She repeated her request many times but he just did not listen. In the end, my friend found the house she wanted with a realtor who listened to her.

These are just a few small things to keep in mind but these small things can make or break a potential sale. If you can be yourself, have confidence and listen to what your customer wants then you are ahead of the game.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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