Maximize Your Mother's Day Selling Opportunities!

posted: Monday, May 3, 2010

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Mother's Day is right around the corner. Now is the time to maximize every Mother's Day selling opportunity that you have. When a person comes in looking for a Mother's Day gift, don't forget that they may have many other people on their Mother's Day gift-giving list. I know that not only do I have my mother, I have my stepmother, my daughter, my two daughter in-laws, and my wife that I need to purchase Mother's Day gifts for. My advice is: do not just assume that you can only sell one item. You may be able to sell many items.

I would ask every customer that comes into the store for any reason, "Who do you have on your Mother's Day gift giving list?" You may be surprised at how many people they have on their list that could be potential gift item sales, and that they haven't even thought about Mother's Day yet. In addition, when a customer comes in looking for a Mother's Day gift, I would assume I am going to sell something for the primary person and immediately go for additional people. This is a technique that I call the "End Around". I would say to that customer, "Not only can we that care of that special somebody, we can also take care of anybody else on your Mother's Day gift giving list." You never know unless you ask. I know they are going to buy all these people something; it might just as well be at your store as opposed to some other store.

In addition, do not forget that right after Mother's Day comes Graduation season and then Wedding and/or Anniversary season. By asking people how many graduations are they attending this spring, or how many weddings they have been invited to this year, or do you have anyone celebrating an anniversary in the next few weeks, you may be able to pick up one, two, three, or many other gift item sales. In other words, May and June are full of gifting opportunities, make sure that you are getting your fair share and maximizing every selling opportunity that you have.

Don't forget to have a rose, a piece of chocolate, or some little gift for all the mothers that come into your store in the next week. A little something can go a long way in the long-term success of your store.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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