The Ask For It Close

posted: Friday, April 15, 2011

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We’ve been talking about add-on closes and how they work, but there are many more closing techniques. While it would be impossible to discuss every possible close that exists, I believe there are seven that will serve you well. While all closing techniques are different, they all have one common goal: to get the customer to say "Yes".

The timing is often the key. When should you ask for the sale? Some would tell you that there is never a bad time to try and close a sale. I disagree. Only after trust and value have been established between you and your customer should you ask for a sale. At that point, the close could come at anytime.

The close should be a natural transition in the selling process. Once you have established a relationship, shared in the emotional reason behind the purchase, asked the right questions, and demonstrated based on the reason the customer wants to buy, the close is the next logical phase.

We will begin by examining one of the more self-explanatory closes. It is called The Ask-For-It-Close. It is as simple as it sounds. When you believe the time is right, you simply ask for the order. There are many ways to ask-for-it, below are a few examples:
  • What do you think; would you like to go ahead with your new _________?
  • This________ will be perfect for you and your wife/husband. What do you think?
  • Should we go to my desk and write up the contract?
  • Based on everything we’ve discussed and what you’ve told me, I believe this ________ is perfect for you. Would you like to take it home today?
  • What purchase order number should we use?
  • Where would you like your new _________ shipped?
The Ask-For-It-Close is one that does take a little confidence but if you’ve established trust and value, then you have nothing to be afraid of. You have done your job and now it is time to complete the sale.

We will continue looking at different closing techniques in the coming weeks, in the meantime, Ask-for-it, you’ve earned the right.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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