Adding On During the Holidays

posted: Friday, December 19, 2014

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Adding on is never a bad idea; it’s a great way to increase your sales, but it is also a valuable customer service. If a customer buys a new high-definition television, then adding on the components that will enhance the TV watching experience is always worth a shot.

The holidays are even a better time to add on, and they often give the salesperson more opportunities to do just that. Many people are buying electronics as gifts but often forget about the batteries. A salesperson who remembers to ask the customer is they want to buy the batteries is often going to be thanked by the customer for the reminder. The customer is going to be more upset with the salesperson who fails to remind to them that they needed batteries.

People who are out holiday shopping almost always have more than one person that they are shopping for. This is the perfect chance to add on to an already completed sale. A customer comes in looking for a diamond necklace for their wife for Christmas, and you are able to help them find exactly what they want. You get it gift wrapped and the customer is happy that at least one gift is done.

This is the perfect time to say something like, “Who else is on your list that we might be able to help you with?” It turns out that the customer also has a daughter who just turned 13 and he doesn’t know what to get her.

You happen to have a selection of pendants that were made specifically for teenage girls and ask if he would like to see them. The customer sees one that he believes would be perfect for his daughter and asks you to gift wrap that as well.

Not only have you successfully added on but you have also provided exceptional customer service, and have probably established a repeat customer.

Keep in mind that adding on does not have to stop with one item; in some cases one add on leads to another. An add on doesn’t always have to cost less than the original purchase either. Imagine if the customer had bought the pendant first, you could have added on the diamond necklace afterward.

Don’t be afraid to ask, you never know when an add on is a question away.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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