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posted: Friday, January 19, 2018

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If you are reading this article because you clicked on a link via Facebook, then you are already using social media. Whether we like it or not, social media is a part of our lives and how a lot of people obtain information these days. What does that mean for the field of sales and salespeople?

The answer to that is complicated and best explained in segments. There are good things that social media has provided, but there are also some not so good things. Today we will focus on the positive things and how a salesperson can use those things to their advantage.

The biggest advantage is that social media is free advertising. Outside of the monthly fee for your internet service, there’s no limit to how many things you can post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Social media also allows you to get your message out to thousands of people in a limited amount of time.

Remember those days when you would make flyers, print them and then distribute them? It took a lot of time do that, right? Social media allows you to send the same message in minutes by simply posting it.

If your company is having a sale over the weekend, you can post it to your company’s Facebook account and instantly get the word out. Twitter provides you the opportunity to gently remind people who your company is and what you can do for them in short messages. We live in the microwave era and consumers do not have time to read a flyer that comes in the mail, but they will probably read a 140-character message on Twitter.

There are some things to remember when using social media for business. First, and most importantly, set up Facebook and Twitter accounts that are for your business only. Do not use your personal accounts for business activities.

Keep the messages professional and related to your business. Do not take political stances or stances on social issues. Your company related social media activities should promote your company and how you can best satisfy your customers. Personal messages and opinions are for your personal accounts. While there are many benefits of social media, there are also some pitfalls that can sabotage your efforts if you are not careful. Next time we will talk about how to avoid some of those pitfalls.

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