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posted: Friday, December 11, 2009

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You never know unless you ask. With Christmas, fast approaching it is extremely important to emphasis how important it is to ask every customer to buy. A salesperson job is to “Cause the exchange of ownership of a product, based on the customer's wants and needs with integrity! In other words, a salesperson's job is to create and close sales. Unless you ask the customer to buy, you just never really know. You may have missed an opportunity to close a sale or even add-on to the sale if you don't ask. Some customers just need that little extra push in helping them to make a buying decision.

A good client of mine called me after the last holiday season to share a story with me. He mentioned that many men are last minute shopper. We all know this to be true. The last few days of the season, he started suggesting to these, last minute shoppers, that she knows that she is going to get something special from you for Christmas. This year why don't you surprise her with a New Years Eve gift as well? He sold over $30,000 in New Years Eve gifts simply because he mentioned it and asked the customer to buy.

I was in a town just outside of Saskatoon recently. The day after the training seminar the owner of the company wrote me to tell me that one of her salespeople followed the training that I had given and made a $20,000 sale for an anniversary gift. Needless to say, the salesperson was "flying high".

Just because people are talking about how bad things are, that sales are terrible, and Christmas is going to be a bust doesn't mean that you have to buy into the doom and gloom. Make sales happen through asking. If you were to close one or two, maybe even 5 more sales a day because you asked, it might make the difference between a bad, good, and great holiday season. All the statistics that I am hearing tell me that traffic is "up" in most stores and that the average sale is down. Increase your average sale by asking people to buy additional merchandise. Sales professionals should be asking every customer, "WHO ELSE IS ON YOUR HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING LIST"? You just never know - until you ask.

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Brad Huisken

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