The Morning Huddle!

posted: Friday, July 9, 2010

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All great relationships start with great communication, whether it be business or personal. Building a great working relationship with your staff is no different. The more informed the staff is, the more productive they will be. To that end, I suggest that every store have a morning huddle, or Ten to Ten, ten minutes prior to the store opening every morning. This ten minute period of time will set the tone for the entire day. Getting people direction-focused on sales, rather than what is happening in their personal lives or "Dancing with the Stars", is essential.

During your morning huddle, I recommend that everyone that works at the store participates. The shop people tell what they have going on for the day, the delivery people talk about there itinerary, the accounting people talk about what they have on their agenda and so on. The marketing people can inform the staff of plans for upcoming events, promotions, and advertisements that will be taking place, or that are being planned. The buyers can notify the team of any new merchandise plans, arrivals, or specials as well.

This is also the time to discuss the sales and operational goals for the day. During this time is the perfect opportunity to recognize people for top sales, add-ons, turnovers, etc. from the previous day, and detail the sales and add-on goals for the upcoming day. I would suggest that you also recognize and praise great customer service performances and those that went above and beyond the call.

The morning huddle is also a time when salespeople can voice what they have in the pipeline, any time needed to make phone calls, do displays and so on. The bottom line is: start each and every day on a positive note and get your people’s focus and attention on producing sales, profits, and most importantly, HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

FINAO - Brad Huisken

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