Your People are the Only Difference!

posted: Saturday, July 24, 2010

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I had the pleasure of spending some time this week with two of the smartest and most successful retailers that I truly admire. One is a person from Florida that built a chain of stores, sold them for big bucks, and is now building another chain and will have 40 stores within the next year. The other is from Australia and has built 6 chains of stores in 6 different industries in the land down under. Keep in mind, both of these people did it in a down economy. We all agree the people are the only difference.

Bottom line: the secret to their success and the success of their companies has very little to do with their ability to buy, merchandise, advertise, decorate etc their stores. It is their ability to hire, train, and retain the highest quality people that has made all the difference. Their people are also the highest paid that I know of in any retail industries.

Surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful. I have always said that if you can create an environment of personal growth and development, you will be successful. I don't care if you are retailing refrigerator magnets, space shuttles, furniture, jewelry, music instruments, whatever. It is all about people. These two retailers focus the majority of their attention on helping grow their people in four areas: professionally, spiritually, physically and financially. I couldn't agree more.

I can help you grow your people professionally. In turn, this should help them financially--if paid based on productivity. Invest in your people and the rewards will far outweigh the return on investment of new carpet, a new advertisement, new merchandise or new displays. Click here to order our (your) new training program to help your people, or register for one of our Train The Trainer Courses. You might have the pleasure of meeting these two retailers or some of their people.

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Brad Huisken

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