So You Think Training is Expensive?

posted: Friday, July 16, 2010

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So you think training is expensive, think about the alternative. Say you're an average retail store doing about one million in volume, and you have five salespeople. Each salesperson walks one customer a day that could have been sold, and your average sale is about $300.00. That is $300.00 times five salespeople, times five days a week that they work. That is $7500.00 per week in lost sales and revenues! Multiply that by 52 weeks and you realize that you could be losing in excess of $390,000.00 in lost sales and revenue. Then think about increasing your add-on percentage from an average of 3% to an average of 10%, resulting in an increase of about $70,000.00 in sales. If the staff could convert just 3 repair customers to retail buying customers, at the same average sale of $300.00, per week, it would mean an additional $46,800.00 in sales. In this example, you realize how easy it is to have lost over $500,000.00 in sales and a huge amount in profits.

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